keziah mason.- electronic and physical ritual music.

heksenhaus- sound/text/visual imprint focusing on experimentation and the avant garde.

sjb.- some guy in new england who lives.

none of my imagework has been digitally manipulated in any way.

s.j. bagley
p.o. box 2842
providence, ri

15th November 2012

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a quick reminder!

this is not a personal tumblr.
i probably don’t care for whatever it is that you love.
i probably don’t know what you’re talking about.
i probably don’t care to know what you’re talking about. 
i probably really am a ghoul.
i really do adore centipedes and, really, most arthropods.
this is not a personal tumblr.

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  1. gointoexile said: Your face isn’t a personal tumblr. This donut, however, totally is.
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  3. serpentskirts said: everything is personal
  4. nudiemuse said: I heard a rumor you’re actually a feral murderbear. That’s totally true right?
  5. ttokia said: i tumbl’d a centipede post last week that you tumbl’d tonight and you didnt even notice it and i even tagged you in it ._.
  6. darkarfs said: do you have one of those?
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