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1st October 2014

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which should never be interpreted as a call for ‘authenticity’ or ‘meaning’ or other such piles of rotten old shit.
rather ‘meaning,’ Meaning, and meaning are as relevant as ever, which is to say, possibly not at all and there’s nothing (as opposed to Nothing) to be gained from such arguments.
and, either way, these roasted grapes with just a touch of salt and balsamic syrup will still be delicious.

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30th September 2014

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30th September 2014

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a short experimental novel, written in both the first and third person, that’s equal parts serial killer and weird religious narrative, based on the works of arthur janov and wilhelm reich (and attempting to reconcile both with each other and also a sense of cosmic horror) entitled ‘there’s a room where the light won’t find you.’

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29th September 2014

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28th September 2014

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a single katydid on the wall, the slight wobble of the ceiling fan, homemade peanut butter cookies, and the full body ache and slight fever of whatever curse has been laid upon me.
a musty old copy of wilhelm reich’s ‘character analysis’ and a pristine copy of joyce carol oates’ ‘daddy love’ and an ill fated attempt to reconcile and examine the latter through the lens of of the former, defeated by ocular exhaustion and febrility.
perhaps some (other) time/else.

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27th September 2014

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fever dreams of fallen down brick buildings and long shadows, small spiders and cold suns.

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25th September 2014

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i owe emails, long telephone calls, tapes, and stuff (things) to a bunch of folks and, rest assured, i’m (still) not dead just taking more time than usual.
as ever! if quicker responses are desired or required, email at is better than the messaging system, here.
in other news, dogs are pretty great.

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25th September 2014

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The hopes which inspire BASS are, in the main, as admirable as those instilled by the Sermon on the Mount, but they are held as fanatically and are as likely to do as much harm.
— horatio alger hiss, speaking to the supreme court, 1970.

24th September 2014

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previously unreleased live recording of throbbing gristle, 1977.

23rd September 2014

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We’re building fires that will burn until morning. The smell of books and hot stone surrounds us. Tough is the leather that’s strapped to my skin, strong are the bonds that we make.
Work ‘til you’re musclebound, all night long.
— richard m. nixon, speaking to chinese delegates february 23, 1972.

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22nd September 2014

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black leather five-hole doc martens, brown bamboo socks, black cotton twill trousers cuffed a few inches below the knee, grey cotton boxer shorts, black leather belt with silver buckle, white cotton undershirt with null print in white ink, white cotton with sleeves rolled to the elbow, black woolen tie with death kneel pin.

14th September 2014

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still not dead.
in the woods, quiet, reading small books.
moss, thick beneath the underbrush.
still not dead.

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9th September 2014

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6th September 2014

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Another Word: Super Duper Sexual Spiritual Black Woman: The New and Improved Magical Negro by Chesya Burke →

In 2001, Spike Lee popularized the term the Super Duper Magical Negro (SDMN) while speaking to students at Washington State and Yale University. The reference was about the stereotype of the magical Black person who is written into the story to help the white protagonist on his journey. The characters are often uneducated, male, and desexed. They do not have families of their own (The Stand's Mother Abigail—the human race is her family) or desires of their own (The Legend of Bagger Vance's titular character—his sole purpose is to help the white character). Nor do they exist outside of the white characters' constructed idea of them (Noah Cullen—willingly dies to protect the white criminal character in The Defiant Ones). None of this is news. Everyone’s been bombarded with the image of the passive, Black person who only wants to serve.

essential reading.

6th September 2014

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no-thanks replied to your post: contemporary studies in interior space.

I love End of an Ear!

one of the absolute best record stores in the country and i dearly miss it.

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